This project, under the name "INVIOO", has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 850221

The EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) is a public funding programme that funds risk innovation in small businesses. It funds market-creating innovation in disruptive small businesses that have significant growth potential and global ambitions. The EIC Accelerato (SME Instrument) is part of Horizon 2020 – the EU's 80 billion € funding programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020.

Only the most innovative companies get selected. Until now, out of over 50.000 applicants 4500 companies have been funded. This shows how intense the competition is under the programme and demonstrates the high quality of the proposals funded. 25% of the companies funded under the EIC SME Instrument are in the 10% fastest growing companies in Europe according to Venture Radar.

Companies receive up to € 2.5 million to bring their innovation to the market, free coaching and support in commercialisation – like facilitated access to overseas trade fairs.

Challenge and ambition

Our mission at Anasen is to make data analysis and manipulation easy and accessible to non-technical users. Our goal is to dramatically improve decision making processes in organizations and companies by making them data-driven. The development of a new technology that acts like a smart assistant to help non-technical users make the right choices is the next step in our endeavor to reinvent the user experience of working with data.

Project summary

The work is organized in 5 Work Packages (WP) with a 24 months duration. Each WP has been divided in main tasks and includes dedicated deliverables. 3 intermediary milestones enabling to measure the success of planned tasks will be assessed. The following resource will be devoted to the project.


The first AI-powered platform smart enough to reason like a data expert and guide the user with contextual recommendations. Like a GPS car system, InsightWhisper interprets the context of the user, hides all the mathematical and computing complexity, and outputs contextual recommendations that are easy to understand. It feels like having a data expert “in a can”, available at will.


With project INVIOO, Anasen will reinvent data analysis...